Examples are available in the examples directory. The PyScriptingConsole implements a simple interactive scripting console that shows how to script a simple application. The PyLauncher application can be used to run arbitrary PythonQt scripts given on the commandline.

The following shows a simple example on how to integrate PythonQt into your Qt application:

#include "PythonQt.h"
#include <QApplication>
int main( int argc, char **argv )
QApplication qapp(argc, argv);
// init PythonQt and Python itself
// get a smart pointer to the __main__ module of the Python interpreter
// add a QObject as variable of name "example" to the namespace of the __main__ module
PyExampleObject example;
context.addObject("example", &example);
// do something
context.evalScript("print example");
context.evalScript("def multiply(a,b):\n return a*b;\n");
QVariantList args;
args << 42 << 47;
QVariant result ="multiply", args);